SPAN’s ‘Eco’-initiative on Earth-day

eco1You must have heard of the story of a boiling frog which was placed in cold water that is gradually heated. Before realizing what happened, the frog would get slowly cooked to death. This is the scenario of today’s world as well. Due to dangerous level of pollution, the atmosphere is getting adverse with each minute passed. If this tendency goes on, life on earth will come to an end in near future. This year on the occasion of World Environment Day, SPAN tried to send this message in a unique way. On 5th June, they organized a workshop in Kamarhati centre where 22 youth members from Kamarhati, Titagarh and Pramodnagar participated. The session emphasized in many aspects of environmental problems, right from e-waste to deforestation. But most important part of the workshop is the formation of Eco-club concept. According to UNEP, over the next decade the amount of e-waste being produced including mobile phones and computers could rise by as much as 500 percent in some countries, including India. Through man’s evaluation process, participants of the workshop are shown hazardous effect of this immediate threat from e-waste and other technologies. eco2 Statistics are equally horrifying in case of deforestation. Only between 2000 and 2012 2.3 million sq kilometers of forests around the earth were cut down. Urbanization at the cost of greenery is not at all acceptable. This message was also conveyed in that session. Hard heating facts were raised through a film. After the workshop, members planted saplings in the centre. To ensure the continuation of process, participants form Eco Clubs. These clubs consist of three members each. Representatives of these clubs will engage in environmental activities in their respective areas. General meeting would be held in frequent interval and representatives of those clubs will share their plan and work accordingly. After the session, participants’ appreciation speaks about the success of the workshop. On the backdrop of Paris Climate Deal, it is quite clear that only a day from the calendar could not change the scenario. Every day is important to keep life breathing on this planet. Eco club is just a tiny step to let the community aware round the year.

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