From the desk of the Secretary

With the passage of time SPAN has grown not only in capacity, size but has a spread to reach out to the diverse target group of children, women, different occupational and other excluded groups and communities. The organization promotes an environment of openness, transparency, non discrimination and accountability whereby it has always relied on collective understanding of staff and stakeholders in designing its strategies and programmes.

SPAN intends to consolidate its strength and the opportunities in the state and country and contextualize its efforts. It not only intends to reach out to the poorest of communities but wants to create a larger impact within the state and country through collaboration, networking and exchange.

The approach however is to work in close partnership with various civil society groups/ individuals/organizations and facilitate an access to various service provisions with a clear perspective of ensuring the Rights of People. While the direct services provided by SPAN would be limited to reach out to the most vulnerable groups and also to create learning models of good practices.

The issue of gender equity is highlighted in all the intervention of SPAN. In this regard the vulnerability of girl children in all aspects is taken into consideration. Thus women’s rights and entitlement issues, issue of violence against women, access to literacy and relevant information to empower women would be strongly promoted.

SPAN would work in both rural and urban areas to ensure that the poor has access to facilities and services available of requisite quality and also participate in the local governance.

Capacity building of SHG groups other community based groups, Municipal and Panchayat functionaries are some of the strategies to strengthen and make system more responsive. Capacity building would be focused upon building rights consciousness, clarity of existing provisions and schemes and methodologies to participate or ensure participation.

Rights based work of SPAN is revealed through the various advocacy efforts undertaken at the local/ state level upto the national level. These campaigns are targeted towards policy change with respect to ensuring the basic rights of children. SPAN would continue to thus build and strengthen its image as a child Rights organisation across the country

The organization believes that along with its expansion and strengthening its programmes and projects, it is equally important to build one institutional strength in terms of systems, processes, and human capacities of the organization. These two aspects go complimentary to each other therefore two significant steps would be undertaken by SPAN in this regard.

Human Resource allocation and management is reorganized inconsideration of skills and the aptitude of the staff members. Roles and responsibilities of the staff is redefined to accommodate the programmatic implications of the strategic plan.Organization Management including financial and human resource management systems of the organization is drafted appropriately to accommodate the needs of the growing organization. It intends to strengthen itself as an organization in keeping with the principles of in transparency and accountability.

It’s being a process that continues over time and transition. Hence this much for the time being and thank you all who have been with us supporting and providing all those keep our dreams going.