From the desk of the Secretary

Dear Colleagues, Comrades, Friends and Well-wishers,

Once again, it’s time to reflect on what achievements we portray during the year, including those that posed challenges on different aspects. Situation of post-Covid aggravate the
challenges even more. Subsequently to the covid and pandemic, life is slowly getting back to normal. However, this normal is no more of the same standard as pre-covid, which is more known as new normal, especially in the aspects of education, livelihood and climate change.
This is, in particular, due to the fact that the stoppage and slow progress have impacted these sectors the most. The recovery needs an upright change in the perception, plan and action.
SPAN has been successful in designing a special curriculum, which connects the syllabus and the text using children’s imagination, observation and perception, which gives them the joy of learning. This has the potential to bring back the children, who were about to be dropped out of the schools. Such innovative learning sessions are being conducted in the government run primary schools.
Disruptions in life and livelihood has been overwhelming, especially in the rural West Bengal, where SPAN works. Especially in the tea garden areas and tribal areas in the remote corners, have suffered profoundly, as they have lost jobs, or in the situation of reverse migration,m people suffered unemployment in the local areas.
SPAN took the initiative to help people access the schemes and programs lying in the panchayats and try out micro livelihood projects, which emphasises women’s participation in, the workforce, avoid harming the local environment and ecology and in the spirit ofm cooperation and cohesion.
Capable youth leaders work on climate change and education to reduce the child and youth poverty. They are first to clear adequate training and capacity building towards taking self motivating actions at the individual level. Then, they should go out to speak on the issues around. They need to work closely with the Panchayats and Block Development offices and also will be speaking in public of their experience and realisation.
Precisely, this is what SPAN, in brief, has captured the challenges and way forward in the post-covid situation.
However, all these would not have been possible, without the uninterrupted financial support from MISEREOR & Kindermissionwerk. I extend our sincerest thanks to our friends in these organisations. I also would like to extend thanks to all those organisations and personalities, who have been providing multiple supports towards capacity building, communication, publicity and disseminating all important tasks and information. Finally, last but not the least, the staff and volunteers, who have been continuously and consistently taking number of initiatives and efforts to probe in any situations that demand the planned
I wholeheartedly look forward to see these unprecedented challenges as opportunities and shall expect more cooperation and platform of joint initiatives.
With sincere wishes and best regards,

Prabir Basu
Secretary, SPAN