Youth Participation and Governance

SPAN follows the United Nations in defining ‘youth’ as persons of 15 to 24 years. This is helpful in capturing many of those who have finished schooling, are sexually active, and facing livelihoods/unemployment issues and the wider effects of structural poverty. However, it goes beyond the age dimension, and additionally focuses on the transitional experiences of being young. This means acknowledging localisedcultural understandings of childhood and adulthood. Process behind …………… Young people is become part of the project team (as researchers, fellows and co-ordinators and the project committee) enabling them to realise their rights to participate in, and access information relating to, the decision-making processes which affect their lives.” Youth participation as active, informed and voluntary involvement of youth in decision-making and the life of their communities (both locally and globally) is visible. In ascending order of responsibility, young people now participate in development as beneficiaries, partners and leaders.