Universal access to Early Childhood Care, Nutrition and health

Adequate nutrition is critical for normal brain development in the early years, and early detection and intervention for disabilities can give children the best chances for healthy development. Prevention of infection, disease and injury prior to school enrolment are also critical to the early development of a quality learner. Physically and psychosocially healthy children learn well. Healthy development in early childhood, especially during the first three years of life, plays an important role in providing the basis for a healthy life and a successful formal school experience.

LCM in all the areas would find the major reasons of malnutrition as:

  • Persistent poverty
  • High illiteracy among women and early marriages
  • Lack of water, sanitation, information & knowledge and nutritional facilities
  • Lack of proper healthcare and malfunctioning of ICDS

The project involve researching, designing and working on a multi-stakeholder initiative for integrating agriculture sustainability, women’s added initiative in agricultural practices, and nutrition intervention for improved food security in the backwards areas of South 24 Parganas and Puruliya.

The team at Lok Chetana Mancha are looking for a comprehensive study for this integration, to suggest a marketing strategy for different organic food items.

Besides, young and pregnant mothers will be informed through several orientations and information dissemination using IECs suiting local culture etc. Community Resource Persons will be trained intensely about the functioning of ICDS, how women could play a game changing role in ascertain the nutrition, food security, their increased engagement in sustainable agriculture and their increased productivity.