Anandadhara – A Quality Education Initiative

ANANDADHARA A Quality learning Initiative

We believe :

“Children Can Help Their Communities To Break The Cycle Of Poverty”

“Education can be an empowering experience for the poor, in particular the young girls and boys.”

“Education enables the children to negotiate the world they live in from a position of strength.”

 Why Anandadhara? State though made eleanmentary education fundamental rights to all children in excuse of financial constraint is not ready to provide even minimum school infrastructure to accommodate all children while quality education remain distant dream.In this perspective while SPAN in one hand as a child rights defending organization advocating and networking with a demand of state sponsored FREE, QUALITY and EQUITABLE education for all children, on the other took the responsibility to uphold a model school encompassing all the attributes of quality education to set an example before the state.Thus an Education Resource Center “SPAN - ANANDADHARA” including a formal school has been established as a laboratory of imparting quality education and also providing holistic supports for children’s development which was also registered under Society Registration Act in 2005.     Keeping Children at the center: At Anandadhara there exists a welcoming, child friendly atmosphere. . . an atmosphere of warmth, security, trust and friendliness where firmness is mixed with encouragement and challenge to stimulate the childents, children and governing board. This teamwork is based upon mutual respect, support and Anandadhara is based upon committed teamwork involving teachers, staff, par We want our children to be happy, to have high self-esteem and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, so that they can learn to handle new situations and accept the challenges that life (outside world) has to offer; even when they might seem unfair. Part of the value of the school is experiencing and learning to cope with a wider social environment; learning to relate well to other people and beginning to see things from another’s point of view; learning to share, to be tolerant and to care for others; to be honest, reliable and show concerns for each other and their property; to value other cultures and other people’s rights to their beliefs. We waan2nt our children to enjoy school, to develop enthusiasm, perseverance and the questioning approach to life that will prepare them for the future stages in their education. We see children as full individuals with differing needs and strengths. Our aim is to extend and support all children and help them to achieve their full potential. We have high but realistic expectations. We want children to give of their best, appreciate what they can do well and what they could make better. We work to give children a thorough grounding in basic skills; to develop a lively interest and curiosity about the world in which they live; to experience a wide curriculum that includes the creative arts, physical activities and technological exposures and to develop a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their life.     The Children with whom Anandadhara particularly works : • Children from socially excluded (i.e. Backward Class and Religious Minority and among them Girl children) and economically excluded (i.e. urban poor who are living in slums, jhoopries and hanties and financially marginalized) community   • Age between 3 to 9 years The Supports Anandadhara Provides:child friendly • Academic Learning Support • Counseling • Computer skill • Children’s Corner • Art and Music • Learning beyond classroom • Recreation Teaching-Learning Features: • Mixed Group Learning • Individual Attention: • Teaching Style for best interest of all • children: • Enjoyable Learning Experiences: • Continuous Evaluation: Why Anandadhara is Unique? ANANDADHARA ….. • Provides a coherent curriculum with a strong focus on Rights of the child. • Engages pupils in their learning • Helps pupils to articulate and manage their emotions • Broadens pupils’ horizons by providing a wide range of activities • Provides support at transition points. • Demonstrates the link between Education and Livelihoods. • Recruits, develops and retains staff with respect for the children and their backgrounds. Needs Your Support:

There is a need and enormous scope of development in teaching – learning 3environment of ANANDADHARA in terms of class room management, development of library, which will in turn benefit all the children. Besides, as most of the children in Anandadhara Shikshayatan are coming from economically backward family, they need support in terms of books, dress, education materials and tuition fees, which is possible through your engagement and financial support.