Child Budget Analysis

SPAN opened a new avenue of policy advocacy on child rights in the state through budget based advocacy. During the last 10 years SPAN is regularly analysing the state government budget on the perspective of the child rights and publishing reports which helped the civil society in many ways to take forward their advocacy effort on the basis of budget data. The analytical report on the budget of the government of West Bengal in the perspective of child rights were shared with the government department, MPs, MLAa, Media and civil society organisations regularly. Pamphlets and leaflets on the findings of budget analysis were produced for the public to understand the government budget allocation and expenditure on child heath, child Education, child protection. Budget data was also analysed at the level of allocation and expenditure of different schemes such as SSA, ICDS, ICPS, Mid-day meal scheme, etc.

Budget for Children West Bengal 2013-2014 to 2017-2018
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Budget for Children West Bengal 2007-2008 to 2011-2012 Download Report
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