SPAN is engaged in the promotion of leadership among the children, youth and women of marginal section of society during last 34 years that they claim their rightful share in development  process of the country.

SPAN woks to bring change in the life of children, youth and women of the most poor and marginalized population who deprived from their rightful share of development. They includes Scheduled Tribe, scheduled caste, religious minority, urban slum dwellers and homeless, tea garden workers, unorganized workers and migrant workers.

Ensuring all rights for all children is the priority for SPAN because SPAN believes that is the most important indicator of a developed society. Youth believed as the real change makers their leadership is the driving force for all development actions.

The basic premises on which the plan rests are 1)Vulnerability reduction, 2) Organisation building, and 3) Institutional Strengthening.

Thus, empowerment process linking intersectoral aspects of vulnerability reduction based on organisation and leadership and transforming institutions based on education, rights & entitlement, climate action and livelihood will help reducing the vulnerability.