Geographical Spread


Considering the social and economic backwardness our working area falls in the following locations in West Bengal both in the urban and in the rural settings.


District Location Ward no Municipality / Corporation
Kolkata Belgachhia 3 Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Kolkata   Basanti Colony 29 Kolkata Municipal Corporation
North 24 Parganas Promodnagar & Bediapara   3,4,5   South DumDum Municipality
North 24 Parganas Chingritalab, Dhobianagan, Kumarpara, Old Line, New Line, Rozan Bagan,Dashu Bagan1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7   Kamarhati
North 24 Parganas   5, 7Titagarh
North 24 Parganas   16, 17Barackpore


DistrictBlocksNumber of Gram Panchayet
South 24 ParganasBasanti, Gosaba, Pathar Pratima15
MurshidabadSagardighi, Nabagram10
BankuraKhatra 1, Hirbandh10
PuruliaJhalda 1, Baghmundi10
BirbhumRajnagar, Mohammad Bazar10
JalpaiguriMal, Mateli, Nagrakata Tea Gardens in 10 GPs

In all these areas and locations SPAN interpolates between implementation of Right to Education (RTE), CLPRA, JJ Act, ICPS, CMA, POCSO, PWD and child labour, child marriage, disabled children, child trafficking and missing and out of school children towards rehabilitation, networking and advocacy actions.

Anandadhara (stream of Joy), primarily a resource centre and also a model regular school wherein around 600 children from a very marginalised section of population come to access formal education in the first place. A critical pedagogy, tailor-made, child-centred and contextual; guarantees retention and quality to help children to enrol successively in the full-time Govt schools.