Adolescent’s empowerment to enhance their ability

Training of Adolescent Girls in Titagarh area, North 24 Parganas

Adolescent’s empowerment to enhance their ability to deal with the changes they undergo bodily, emotionally and relationship wise is articulated in forming their groups. In the group building process the primary focus in their leadership skill.  The information and knowledge in health and hygiene, gender equality, different types of inequalities they might encounter, how positively they could engage in family, school and community, they are made to be familiar with and accordingly a practice change is revealed in them. Besides, criticality of thinking is encouraged. This action of organizing adolescents happens usually at school sites, but closure of schools for a long time due to covid has seriously impacted the mental health of adolescents at varied degrees.

SPAN members are seriously engaged with these adolescents, especially girl’s empowerment program compose of scholastic support, vocational training and life skills education.

Trains girls in vocational skills to enter the formal job market and earn an income. The selection of the vocations is on the basis of a thorough needs assessment of the girls and the choices available to them for meaningful livelihoods, keeping in mind contextual factors such as mobility. SPAN also fosters entrepreneurship through innovative projects suited to the local context, like mushroom cultivation and the establishment of adolescent girl-led tailoring schools.

The strategy supports out-of-school girls to build upon their education, whether through functional literacy training, scholastic support and enrolment assistance with schools or the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Cutting across the scholastic and vocational skills training is a focus on life skills development, which helps adolescent girls gain confidence and agency and understanding of how to successfully overcome the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

All girls undergo life skills training that focuses on giving them the knowledge and skills necessary for them to manage their health better, voice their opinions, acknowledge the power of choice and be self- aware. A structured curriculum is used to train the girls in health, menstrual hygiene management and nutrition, effective communication and management of their emotions. Life skills education also builds the girls’ understanding of their legal rights. SPAN provides life skills education at community-run centres, which provide a space for the girls to discuss how they are feeling and the challenges they may be facing. Life skills education has initiated transformative change among the girls, helping them to grow in confidence, understand the emotional and physical changes they are going through, and manage their lives so that they can successfully pursue continued education or new livelihood opportunities.