SPAN arranged food and shelter for 125 migrant labourer from Bengal locked down at Hariyana

SPAN was able to arrange food and shelter for 125 labourers including 40 children from different districts of West Bengal  who were stranded at Gurgao, Hariyana without any support. West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights and their counterpart at Hariyana helped to organise this support. 125 adult labourers alongwith 40 children from the districts of Nadia, Murshidabad and West Medinipur were working as labour in Khogaon village of Gurgao district of Hariyana. SPAN conllected their name and addresses from one of their home District Murshidabad and contacted with them. It hasbeen understood that they are staying their without money and food. Immediately SPAN contacted with West Bengal Commission for Child Protection (WBPCR) here in Kolkata and with their reference contacted their counterpart at Hariyana. On 13th April 2020 the Hariyana state government with help of an local NGO has arranged food and shelter for this group. Thousands of Migrant workers, many of them with their families and children, from different districts of West Bengal detained at their workplaces due to lock down caused by COVID 19 Pandemic. They were helplessly suffering without food and shelter. SPAN took effort to stand beside them by identifying them from their home districts and blocks, collecting the contacts and networking with Government departments of their destination states and districts. In this way SPAN could arrange food and shelter support for altogether 214 migrant labourers and 70 children who are detained in the states such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Hariyana. They were from South 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, West Medinipur and Nadia Districts of West Bengal. West Bengal Commission of Protection of Child Rights and their counter parts in different states also took big role in arranging support for these labourers.

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