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Community Managed Livelihood Resource Centre

The centre would ensure as a local assembly point of the rural folk to reinvent their strength in terms of knowledge, information, gaining confidence to challenge all that they had been considering as beyond their ability.

SPAN established two such Resource centres currently. One in Panchpahari Village of Raniswar Block in Dumka District, Jharkhand. Another Resource Centre was established at Simali Village of Baghmundi Block in Purulia District, West Bengal. Building of other such resource centres are in process,

At the onset the councils will be encouraged to collect both the secondary as well as the primary data of population, resources to understand their severity of backwardness and to know how grave is those problems when they learn to compare their situation with some standards e.g. the situation of state, region, national or international regarding a particular problem revealed through analysis. All these will well be done by the local people, which also has so far been considered by the literary world as absurd.

SPAN emphasises such enabling of the local populace for the purpose of 1) profound knowledge of their own situation, which is an independent viewpoint through cause and effect analysis by the people; 2) people will no longer succumb to the difficulties of poverty; 3) leaders will emerge, who will have courage and wisdom to share their story of rebuilding to inspire others to fight; and 4) on 2030 SDG and its ground reality will mark a new beginning.

Mapping of individual skill/training of the council members and their group they serve will be done to see the potential resources/individual capacities to be subjected to be transformed with some initiatives, focusing on the challenges they face as a way of their life.

Findings of primary and secondary data, research based on issues that emanated,  from the data analysis, display the findings, assemble of interested groups and discuss around the issues to plan their action.

Information, Knowledge, and Access on the issues of birth, nutrition, food, water, education, health, gender, peace, and happiness to link with the existing schemes, policies, Acts, and programs.

Labour, migration, livelihood, climate change, they face as a matter cause-and-effect analysis.

Information of all nature to be displayed and discussed, those are connected to the people’s needs and aspirations periodically.

Interconnections of the issues and its linkages with different age groups, gender, caste, and religion. Periodically such discussions may be connected as a GPDP process.

Community reporting in general meeting twice in a year about the progress and challenges. This community involves the GP members, Prodhans, ICDS workers, ASHA workers, Teachers, ANM Nurses, VLCPC members, SHG members, where BDO may also be invited as a special guest along with the CDPO, WPO and BWO.