Tea Garden Youth get organised for better tomorrow

live-img5-bigTea Garden in Jalpaiguri is a country within the country where Tea Garden labourers are living like bonded labour in abject poverty. Due to regular closure of tea gardens one by one and the starvation death incidents of labourer Jalpaiguri Tea Garden is now an international issue. Youth and teenagers of Tea Garden labour line is struggling hard for survival where educational is a distant dream for most of them. Regularly children and youth are either missing or get trafficked for labour and other kind of exploitation. A limited number of youth among them are still continuing their education. SPAN organised youth of tea garden from 17 tea garden focusing Meteli G.P. of Jalpaiguri district for bring change in this situation. They are provided a platform for learning and sharing and arounf this platform KOSHISH developed. Started by few likeminded youth, Koshish is an effort to bring changes and be its own model in the Dooars region. It is group of From the early days of Koshish in 2013, it has come long way. Koshish started as Gram Panchayat level youth group, gradually spread throughout Dooars (Jalpaiguri) area. Koshish is based in Meteli Hat G.P. and reaches out to people working in more than 20 tea gardens; there are more than 50 large and small villages within the tea gardens of Meteli area. Koshish intends to support girls and their families to build their lives. Today Koshish runs three educational support centers in three different tea gardens where they do hand holding the children to learn. At present there is more than 120 children part of the Koshish educational support centre and many of them were trafficked at some point of their life. It is Koshish’s effort that many of them are going to school for the first time in many years. Koshish intends to support them in every way possible. Koshish aims to build capacity of community people they encourage family to file a missing complaints where poor people are afraid of going to police, they think police is not for poor people. They also facilitate medical support for needy people by taking them to hospital and medical colleges. The organization also runs village information centre where they provide information to make voter ID cards, ration cards, birth certificates, and caste certificates, helps people with opening a bank account also with PF related work. Koshish have future plans like community based home for Orphans and Apna Bank for more livelihood opportunities. Koshish is not a register organization but we intend to do every possible thing to bring changes in the area.