Climate Action

Climate Change:

At the level of Schools:

Green Group at Purulia engaged in observing the Earth Day, 2021 with a commitment of planting 100 trees in Baghmundi block

At the level of SPAN school students were involved to let them know regarding National Action Plan of Climate Change and indeed the information of impacts of climate change in the recent past through various medium of communication in their own regions and other regions respectively.

Groups formed in schools known as ‘Green Groups’ who are involved and while learning by doing in some projects undertaken by them. These projects are around the issues of: Protecting, restoring and enhancing diminishing forest cover, disaster preparedness, i.e. responding to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures, participate in the governance i.e. be a part of planning, decision making, implementation and monitoring and take stock of bio-diversity and work towards its improvement .

Thus it’s an endeavour to build a knowledge system and action for responding effectively to climate change challenges i.e. formation of knowledge networks through engaging them in gathering information, analysing, and preparing literature, developing IECs including theater, music and other popular medium and also publishing magazine relating to climate science.

At the level of Young men and women:

SPAN’s focus is on promoting understanding of climate change, it’s possible adversities to be shared in the light of the extreme weather events in the recent past in their zone or region.

To let them understand about ecologically sustainable growth and also to understand about our energy security challenge.

Adoption of energy efficient equipments, they should know how to increase water use efficiency and also to know about how to enhance storage both surface and ground water, rainwater harvesting etc. Participate in the governance i.e. be a part of planning, decision making, implementation and monitoring

At the level of Farmers and other groups in diversified livelihood activities

SPAN is helping farmers to understand and work in groups in the improvement in quality of forest cover and also to improve upon the degraded grass and wet lands, work on mangroves, improve tree cover on agricultural lands and other non-forest lands (agro-forestry/social forestry) and finally enhance agricultural productivity in rain fed areas and water use efficient integrated farming.

Access to information in connection to alternative practices and change thereof, credit support, agricultural insurance, market and livelihood diversification will be area of further exploration.