Story of Sanjoy

san1In the grimy areas of Kamarhati, 22 year old Sanjay Prajapati lives with his family. Due to financial constraints, he could not continue his study after class VIII. At that early age Sanjay started helping his father to run family. Sanjay was in his teens, when he came into contact with SPAN. He joined the children’s group of this organization and started attending activities and workshops with other members of the group. Those struggling years and the sessions with SPAN taught him a good lesson of life---- without skill people are only exploited.   He joined SPAN’s mobile repairing training sessions in 2014. Six months training session imbibed skill in Sanjay. It made him confident to reach out employers for suitable jobs. In 2015 Sanjay started his own shop in Kamarhati. Now he earns Rs. 10-12 thousand per month. His success story inspires his siblings as well. Sanjay’s sister Nisha and Vijay are also youth members of SPAN.