She was rescued from labour and now in school

children-are-not-a-commodity.jpgMina (name changed) at her age of eight years was sent by her mother through an agent to Sikkim to work as domestic help. Mina was fourth of six children of her parents. Her parents work as casual labour in some Tea Garden of Jalpaiguri Districts. Her father was an alcoholic and it was tough for her mother to take care of six children. The family lives in abject poverty. Therefore the family sent their children outside for work at their childhood. Mina at her workplace for three years suffered from tremendous atrocities and hardship until her rescue arrange through government procedure due to the initiation and pressure from SPAN. One of the community volunteers identified the case of mina and Mina was tracked through help of Seema Surakhsha Bal (SSB) and other government mechanism. She was rescued and brought in her home. But her home was no safe place and the family has not the capacity even feed her properly. Therefore SPAN admitted her in a local residential English Medium Residential School. Mina is now studying in Class V. And soon will go in Ekalavya School in class V.