Women Rights and Empowerment

Narishakti - Women Convention on 6th March, 2021

Nari-Shakti is the federation of Women Council organized by SPAN both in Rural and urban areas of West Bengal. Women Councils are organizations primarily comprised of the working women across the state of West Bengal wants its members to be equal in terms of gender and participation and organise itself to be accountable from family, society to the state level and participate strongly in Governance.

Total Members of Narishakti in uraban areas of Kolkata and suburbs: 532. Total Members of Narishakti in rural  areas in Bengal: 800

SPAN did a survey in 2011 which revealed that nearly 250 women were facing various inhuman treatments in their place of work. In many group interactions these were further revealed that they aspire to have their own organisation to fight the indignity, inequality and injustice.

In 2011 Narisakti came into being and in their 1st Convention some 80-100 women   assembled to discuss on the issues related to the occupation and also on the issues of domestic violence. Women activists from other Civil Society Organisation expressed their solidarity which actually boosted the courage to the members of Narisakti.

In the process the Narisakti members further realised when their dignity and identity are jeopardised even in their families how could they expect those to be secured and safe when they go to places of their work. This has infused in them to gain the dignity, identity and rights while conceiving their constitution. Narisakti members decided thus to federate Women Councils in the same status across the state and spread to the districts of North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bankura and Jalpaiguri. Meanwhile  the women domestic workers among the member of Narishakti have taken lead role in building their Trade Union Paschimbanga Griha Paricharika Samity (PGPS).