Sunday Adda:

It is an initiative where our youth members can do some Fun and at the same time learn something. Every month our members do various serious topics. But this SUNDAY ADDA brings some fun and relaxing time for them with joy. This month the topic was “Unsolved Mystery of the world”. img8

Youth Round Table Meet. Kolkata Chapter:

Youth roundtable meet, Kolkata chapter is a part of our large initiative Youth Led Development. In this 2 day’s program 6 different youth agency were present and share their views on different aspects. The program aims on 3 main targets like 1.Where they want to see them after 1 year 2.What is the process? 3. What support they want from SPAN. This program aims to focus on the initiative “youth as partner”. The youths have made their plan for development. This program contained with 20 no of youth who have already shifted them from beneficiary level to partnership level. At the end of the program the youth agency have submit their plan and made a joint forum that will work together in the future course. img7

Capacity Building Training-Youth Leaders

2 days capacity building training on Youth leaders had been organized at saltlake. The training had different brain storming topics of exercise including control emotions, team building, goal setting, decision making etc. The youths found this session very much helpful to them. Emotion handling session by “Candle Exercise” youths are burst out with their untold emotions that had been hidden in their hearts. At the end they had created a model where they replicate their Career Goal Model. This program would follow up a public session where these youth would take session with others.img6

“Chai Pe Charcha” with children at Kamarhati

A debate competition (Chai Pe Charcha) had been took place with children of Ek Saath. There were two topics including
  • Home work is waste of Time
  • Punishment should reintroduce in School.
img5The children have participated in discussion. They have told their opinion very productively. It was an open platform where each and everyone thrown their opinion on the particular topics. It was a productive session where no one stops the children to discuss their views. They have discussed meaningful understandings. Everyone had present views with a clear picture. These children are making them ready to lead the society with their participation and full citizenship rights.

Mask making children with Child Rights – Kamarhati & Titagarh

A new way of expression, “Mask” through which we have disseminated Child Rights. The children of EKSATH have participated in the event. The children have already been told about child rights and now they are aware about their rights. More than 15 children have participated in this event. They have made mask with paper and colored their rights with sketch on the mask. Every mask colored with a child rights. The masks were in many shapes including tiger, chota veem, beer, Mickey etc. The characters are very much famous in children. The children had found the program very interesting and entertaining. The main objective of the program was aware the children about “child rights” were very much successful in a very interesting way and the children had not got bored. Children also promised that they would be careful about their rights and also disseminate the learning to other friend and also looking forward that their rights would not get violated.img4

Drop out Survey at Kamarhati area

A 15 days survey has been done at Kamarhati including Craig Street, Kumar Para, Old line, Naya Basti, Agarpara New Line, Chingri Talab etc. The main target of the survey program is to find out the drop out children (06 to 18 yrs) from the family. The youth of Umeed Youth Resource Centre including Arshad, Farida,Qayam,Javed, Babra,Asma,Sazea have taken their constituency with 20 to 30 families adjacent to their house or their knowing area. More than 200 families are now under cover and we have identified more than 40 drop out children. There are many reasons of drop out including economical problem,family issues, no admission in school, punishment in school etc. The youth leaders have met together with SPAN on 19th sep 2015 about the further steps to be taken with these drop out children. Most of the children are ready to starts their study again.img3

New Education Centre with Children & Youth at Kamarhati

img1A new education centre had been set up at Kamarhati Umeed Youth Resource centre with children and youth coming from core area of Kamarhati including Dashu Bagan, Tooth Bagan,Old line, New line,Sabji Bagan, Nil Ratan Adhikari Road, Agarpara New line etc.These children and youth are coming from a very humble background where there have many basic needs that had not been fulfilled. These children are very much vulnerable to be drop out, early marriage or forced to get married by the family. They are struggling for regular foods and cloths and unable to collect fees for further tuitions. img2They sometimes forced to do many works in home including washing clothes, making food etc. SPAN has taken a new initiative to set up Education centre in the community. This is a special type of centre where children and youth come with their books and stat studying .There is also a teacher who guides the students with their basic needs. This initiative has settled many issues in Kamarhati. The students come and study here with great joy and they are now very happy that they would not be drop out from the class and continue their study.