Gosaigram women united for their dignity and right

live-img4-bigGosaigram is a small village under Goborshandanga Gram Panchayet of Sagardighi block in Murshidabad District. The village is mostly populated by the people from scheduled tribe and scheduled caste group who are toiling hard for their livelihood in the non-irrigated land to grow crops. They regularly migrate for labour outside the village in lean season. The women woks as agricultural labour, toiling hard inside and outside of their home without and any recognition and suffer from all kind of violence and exploitation. Married women are regularly bitten by their husbands and in-laws. Women socially and culturally have no dignity and respect and meant for working and producing children under the dominance of men and family. They first taste the freedom and liberty when by the encouragement and initiation of SPAN 10 women formed a women council in the village. It become and Self Help Group and linked with government scheme. The Gosaigram women council started growing in number and also in strength day by day. They start talking on violence against women. The council with the help of local police and excise departments destroyed for illegal liquor shop and start campaigning against alcoholism. The members of village council employed for cooking of Mid-Day-Meal local schools. The council members also able to procure SHG loan from bank to take land in lease of group cultivation. They also submit proposal for bank loan the start fisheries activity and the loan already being sanctioned.